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The Search for the Mona Lisa

What if the Mona Lisa is not the woman we think she is?

This question is the starting point of a new Pantheon film, based on the provocative book by art historian Jean-Pierre Isbouts, a National Geographic author and humanities professor, and his co-author, Dr. Christopher H. Brown of Brown Discoveries in North Carolina. The book, entitled The Da Vinci Legacy and published by Apollo Publishers  (2019),  takes the reader on a hunt across Europe for the most astounding discovery: that Leonardo painted not one, but two versions of the Mona Lisa.

Aging Leonardo with Mona Lisa2.jpg

The Search for the Mona Lisa is filmed with carefully staged re-enactments using a period cast of over 60 actors, led by celebrated Italian actor Alessandro Demcenko in the role of young Leonardo, and American actor Peter Xifo playing Leonardo near the end of his life.

Isbouts lines up a shot_2.jpg

 Three years in the making, the film is directed by Isbouts and features not only dramatizations starring the Italian artist Alessandro Demcenko as Leonardo da Vinci, but also a number of prominent specialists including Luke Syson (now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art), Larry Keith (National Gallery, London), Vincent Delieuvin (Louvre, Paris), as well as Arnod Nesselrath, Curator of the Vatican Museums in Rome.

The film, which aired on PBS stations in 2019 and networks throughout Europe, will soon be available on Amazon Prime.


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